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2022 exhibition schedule

Jan. Group show (Corey Helford Gallery,[Los Angeles])

*1-original ceramic work

Feb. Group show (Corey Helford Gallery,[Los Angeles])

*7 artworks (6 ceramic works and 1 medium size resin work)

April. Group show (gallery Ascend [HK])

*2 ceramic works and Lithograph Print edition50 released

April. Group show (Maison Ozmen[Paris])

*8 artworks (F40 × 3 paintings,3 middle size ceramic works,2 resin work)

June. Exhibition in the Viewing Room (Thinkspace[LA])

    *8 artworks

June. Group show at VOLERY GALLERY in Dubai *1 artwork

July. Art Taichung (THZ gallery[Taiwan])

    *resin works ED=8×2 types, 15 ceramic works

Oct. Art Taipei (THZ gallery [Taiwan])

*H120cm FRP sculpture ED=8, H90cm FRP sculpture ED=5, painting F50×6

Nov. Group show (Galerie Zberro[Paris])

*4 ceramic artworks

In addition, I will released some lithographic prints and art toys


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