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2023 Exhibition schedule has been updated


Feb. Solo exhibition at Thinkspace in Los Angeles

    (*F50×4, F40×1, F30×5, S20×1, S15×2, F12×2 paintings,

9 ceramics, H130cm sculpture)

Feb. Group show at Maison Ozmen in Paris (*F30×2, S20×1 paintings)

Mar. Art central HK at Touch gallery’s Booth

(* F50×1, F40×1, S20×1 paintings, 2 ceramics )

July. Group show at Aout gallery in Lebanon (*F40×1, S20×1 paintings, 3 ceramics)

Aug. Solo exhibition at Soft Corner in Korea

(* F60×2, F40×3 , F30×3 , F12×2 paintings, small size 10 ceramics)

Sep. KIAF in Seoul at Suomei M50 gallery’s booth

   (* F40,F30,F12×2 paintings, 3ceramics)

Sep. Group show at Touch gallery in Hong Kong (*2 paintings, 3ceramics)

Sep. Group show at Contemporary Tokyo in Tokyo (* F40×1 paintings, 2 ceramics)

Oct. Art Taipei at THZ gallery’s Booth (*2 paintings, 3 ceramics )

Oct. Group show in Indonesia (F12×1 painting)

Nov. West Bund Shanghai at Suomei M50 gallery’s booth

    (*F40×1、F30×1 paintings, 2 ceramics)

Dec. Group show at Galerie Zberro in Paris (*4 ceramics)


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