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『Bear costume boy with apple on head』
『Boy and Girl with apple on head』
『Boy with apple on head』
『Boy straddling horse』
『Flower man』
『On the table 2024-30-F50』
『On the table 2024-29-F8』
『On the table 2024-28-F8』
『On the table 2024-27-F20』
『On the table 2024-26-F20』
『On the table 2024-24-F60』
『Boy on the Bear and Blue Bird』
『Monkey and Blue Bird』
『Flower man』
『On the table 2024-22-F60』
『On the table 2024-23-F50』
『Resting on a stump』
『Boy on the Dog and Blue Bird』
『Two Trees』
『On the table 2024-21-F20』
『Two Boys』
『Blue Bear with Apple on its head』
『Vase with flower man and bird』
『On the table 2023-20-F40』
『On the table 2023-19-F30』
『On the table 2023-18-F30』
『Adam’s apple  』
『Apple on the Bear with hands raised 』
『On the table 2023-15-F40』
『On the table 2023-16-F40』
『Apple on the Bear costume Boy 2023-01』
『Bear costume Boy with hands raised』
『Blue Bird and Boy』
『Boy straddling bear 2023-02』
『Apple on the Bear costume Boy 2023-02』
『Flower vase 2023-01』
『Tree climbing』
『On the table 2023-13-F30』
『On the table 2023-11-F60』
『On the table 2023-10-F30』
『Boy straddling bear』
『Flower Man』
『Bear costume boy and owl』
『Boy and snake and apple tree』
『Dog on the mountain』
『Bear costume Boy with right hand raised』
『 Little Bear and Bear costume boy 』
『 Flower and skull 』
On the table 2023-03
Rabbit costume and Bear costume
owl on bear mascot costume
『On the table 2022-11』
『On the table 2022-10』
『On the table 2022-09』
『On the table 2023-1』
『Strawberry sponge cake on the table 』
『Self-portrait making a sculpture 2022-2』
Boy in rabbit costume
Boy in bear costume on Blue Bear
Boy in bear costume and apple
Boy in bear costume riding on a house 2023-1
『Boy in Bear costume riding on a horse 2022-2』
On the table 202208
Artworks on the table and Boy
My pleasure on the table
Two circles on the background
Bear graffiti
Blue Bear mascot costume
『inspiration 2022-2』
『Boy in Bear costume with right hand raised 2022-2』
『Boy in Bear costume on Bear』
『Rabbit costume and Bear costume』
『Boy in rabbit costume have an apple and Owl』
『Boy in Rabbit costume riding on a horse』
『Boy in Bear costume with a star on the Mountain』
『Boy in Rabbit costume with a star』
『On the apple tree』
『Boy in bear costume on tree』
Boy in Bear mascot costume and owl
Boy,Girl and Owl on the hill
Apple on the head
Bear mascot costume
Rabbit mascot costume
Boy in Bear costume with right hand raised
Boy in Bear costume riding on a horse
Boy with a star and Dinosaur
Gray Bear Costume with arms in the air
Self-portrait with 4 Blue Bears
Self-portrait with 5 White Owls
Self-portrait making a sculpture
Money tree on the table... and Blue Bear and Owl
Boy in bear costume on the mountain
Pinocchio and Owl
Boy with a star
Boy with a star and Snake
Boy in bear costume
Boy in bear costume on the Mountain
Boy on Horse
Bear Costume with arms in the air
Mascot costume (Moon bear)
Mascot costume (Horse)
Dinosaur costume and girl
Snake and Boy carrying the star
Evening drinking of the full moon
Coffee time at the table with lemon
My hobby on the table
Self-portrait [coffee time with myself in bear costume]
Portrait of boy
Portrait of boy
portrait of Boy(front)
Dinosaur and Boy in a bear costume and small bear
Horse and boy
Standing statue of Bear costume
Yellow snake and Boy with a star
Mascot costume (Elephant)
Mascot costume (Dragon)
Mascot costume (Lion)
Mascot costume koala
Duck and Bear and Cat
Tree with girl
Tree with boy
Elephant with boy
Elephant with girl
Self-portrait [I think with a blue bear]
Self-portrait with blue bear
Scenery with my sculpture and cats
Still life painting with apples
Bear costume and little bear
Mascot costume(Cat)
Mascot costume(Owl)
Horse playground equipment and boy
Boy on the tree
You are an Owl, I am a Bear
Owl and Bear
Man and wife
Boy and tree friends
Horse and boy
Boy and owl
Girl and Owl
Scenery with my sculpture [My favorite park when I was little]
Owl and boy
Bear in the room
Scenery with bronze statue(supermarket)
Scenery with bronze statue(forest park)
Monsoon monoceros and braid
Mascot costume(bear)
Mascot costume(rabbit)
「flower 」series 網目大皿
Dwarf and cat
DSC_0002 2
Two birds
Go to the sea in the morning!
Self-portrait that became Pinocchio
Radish and mouse
Moon and rabbit
We went to see the ducks.
clouds and me
just two of us(in the forest)
rabbit and turtle
riding on shoulders
Blue damon and me
about Medaka
Ume blossom and bird and me
Green and bird and me
Full moon and bird and me
Bear and girl
おなか痛い 植木鉢
富久 “きみがわらえばおめでたい”
北風と太陽 〜考えたってしょうがないじゃん〜

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