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近年は、生活空間にあるものをテーブルの上に乗せた静物画「on the table」シリーズを描いております。







In the coronavirus pandemic, I continue to work from an interest in the self that has gone inward, memories of family and the past, and by repeatedly chewing on the same subject matter and enjoying the slight changes that are created in the process.


In recent years, I have been working on a series of still-life paintings 'on the table', in which objects from my living space are placed on the table.

The apple, which has appeared frequently in my work since the coronavirus pandemic, was initially treated as a symbol of wisdom.

Recently, however, I have been depicting it as a motif meaning that the eugenic ideology (the wise ones, the species that can evolve to suit the environment survive) is not necessarily correct, and that it is a hypothesis because people have wisdom, and that it was 'just a coincidence and we were lucky'.

The snake, which also appears frequently in Western art, is sometimes treated as a symbol of rebirth because of its repeated moults, and is depicted from the hopeful perspective that such a thing could happen in the case of the coronavirus pandemic. It is also inspired by the fact that "Adam and Eve, the first humans, were seduced by the serpent to eat the fruit of wisdom", which is also associated with the apple fruit.


Finally, I would like to share with the viewer some memories of the pleasant events that take place on the table.






About other motifs


(bird) This motif comes from the fairy tale "The Blue Bird. The message is that happiness is close at hand, even though it is often overlooked. In Western painting, the bird is also a symbol of the soul. When I paint a person, I paint a beautifully colored bird nearby, a beautiful soul.

(bear) I express the infantile nature within me. When I paint on the screen with the human characters, I feel as if my past self is looking at my present self. I also used eye-catching blue color because I wanted purity in the blue color. I drew this pure and innocent young character in the hope that everyone will love him or her.

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